3 Essential Tips To Follow If You Cycle To Work

So the Rio Olympics 2016 is over and it’s been an amazing year once again for Great Britain. Now because we did so well in the cycling, you probably think you’re all the next Laura Trott or Jason Kenny, so the cycling industry has seen a boost in sales. It’s obvious that cycling is growing in popularity as a whole, both for sport and leisure, and it’s a perfect way of getting to work if you live close enough. After all, it saves money, it improves your health and fitness, and it creates little or no carbon footprint unless you use one of those electronic bikes, we still think that’s cheating by the way! Like anything, though, it needs to be done properly, and we’d like to offer you 3 essential tips.

    • Always wear a helmet – If you have an accident it could mean the difference between scrapes and bruises and suffering a serious head injury. You can always carry a comb or brush to straighten out your hair when you reach work, no one likes hat (or even helmet) hair.
    • Make sure you drink enough fluids, preferably drinks that replace your electrolytes. Cycling is energetic work, and whether it’s summer or winter, you need to avoid becoming dehydrated.
    • Think about what you wear when you’re cycling – Unless you have the luxury of being able to shower and change when you get to work, your clothing needs to protect you from getting too sweaty, but still look smart for work.  Specialist cycling clothes are designed to keep you comfortable and at an even temperature, but you may not want to arrive dressed like Bradley Wiggins. So plan your outfit! Then again if you have had a miraDry treatment, you don’t need to worry about sweat patches. #Bonus!

If you have any more tips or advice for anyone cycling to work, comment! Or if you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email.


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