Antonio Sabato, Jr is announced as the face of miraDry!

The miraDry treatment is a one-time non-invasive treatment boosts your Confidence and eliminates the need to use deodorant or antiperspirant ever again. The 90-min painless procedure destroys sweat and odour glands from your underarm and also removes hair of all colours permanently.

miraDry is Confidence and Confidence is … Beautiful, Powerful, Inspirational, Game-changing and Sexy!

miraDry has treated over 70K patients worldwide in 40+ countries and was also Voted in the Top 10 Aesthetic Companies by Aesthetic Everything in 2016.

They are beyond thrilled to have Antonio Sabato, Jr and his healthy and empowering approach to life, as the featured face of miraDry.

To find out more about the #miraDry treatment, visit www.miradry.co.uk


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