Hyperhidrosis Press Coverage

If anyone’s seen the news recently more and more people with their stories on their experiences with hyperhidrosis are appearing, maybe it’s because the summer season is in full swing, and suddenly more people feel the effects of sweating. However what most people don’t realise is that it’s a day-to-day problem for people who suffer with the hyperhidrosis condition, surprisingly to those people it doesn’t matter about the weather! The first story which came out in the national press, was […]

We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday…

Here are our top 5 tips to keeping cool on holiday and keeping your sweat under control: Make sure you wear loose cotton clothing – steer clear of clingy material, it often makes you sweat more and makes it more obvious that you’ve got a sweat problem. Have the appropriate treatments before you go away, be it Botox, miraDry or iontophoresis, make sure your treatments are all up to date! Stay in the shade – we know that this might […]

Sweat Sweat Sweat

It’s a simple fact of life that everybody sweats. It’s natural and, for most people, it’s not a huge problem. Or is it? Despite the fact that we all do it, few of us like to admit it. Britons spend millions each year on deodorants and antiperspirants to mask the problem and a recent survey* of 2000 adults from across the UK shows that a considerable amount of us still aren’t happy. 6 out of 10 women and almost half […]

Summer Sweating

As the summer months are quickly approaching, you can probably feel yourself getting a bit more sweaty, right? Those horrible situations like being in the car, after a hard day at work, maybe even being at a BBQ and being in the hot sun all day. Everyone wants a way to find a way to not be sweaty, and sometimes the best thing to do is wear light cotton clothing and stay in the cool, however for some people that’s […]

miraDry Me

Exciting miraDry news, not only have the UK miraDry team launched a brand new website, but they’ve also included an amazing competition for you all to enter. Enquire into the miraDry treatment today on the miraDry Me website, www.miraDryme.co.uk. And you’ll be entered into a competition to win either £250 worth of shopping vouchers, or £250 worth of entertainment vouchers. Just another reason that you should look into having a miraDry treatment, you’ll never have to worry about underarm sweat […]

Stress Sweating

Stress sweating can sometimes be one of the most embarrassing things which can happen to a person. Stress sweating mainly occurs when you really don’t want to sweat, for example on a date or in an interview, or even on a night out with your friends, no one wants to be seen to suffer with underarm sweating, odour or sweat stains. There are many ways which people try to avoid these awkward and embarrassing sweating situations, including using antiperspirant, using […]

A Solution? Sweat Smart Centres

It’s a simple fact of life that everybody sweats, it’s natural and for most people it’s not a huge problem. Or is it? Despite the fact that we all do it, few of us like to admit it. It may be fine for professional athletes to be seen perspiring in the pursuit of excellence, but that’s a world away from the rest of us mortals sporting huge sweat patches on a crowded commuter train in rush hour. Britons spend millions […]

Meet The Expert: Professor Tony Chu

Here at KnowSweatUK HQ, we think we’re pretty well connected when it comes to people in the know. That’s why we caught up with Professor Tony Chu from Hammersmith Hospital to see what he has to say. He sees many people with the condition walk through his doors on a daily basis so, as a real expert in the field, we thought we’d share his words of wisdom with you… “Axillary hyperhidrosis can be devastating. We have no control over […]

Through The Ages…

Here at KnowSweatUK HQ, we’re always interested in the different ways people manage excessive sweating. Which is why, when we found some stories on how humans dealt with body odour in the past, we just had to share them with you… Apparently, according to anthropologists, the scent of our sweat helped keep us from becoming something’s dinner years and years ago. Our body odour was so prominent that the animal in question would actually recoil at the smell and move on to eat something less, well, […]

Botox: My Story

Lou from the West Midlands has suffered from excessive sweating for years. Here, she tells us her story and how she chose Botox to manage her condition effectively… From a very young age I have struggled with excessive sweating. There have been times in my life that I’ve struggled doing day to day activity without sweat pouring from my armpits. I was always extremely self-conscious and nervous about what I could get away with wearing. I was always restricted with not […]