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Antonio Sabato, Jr is announced as the face of miraDry!

The miraDry treatment is a one-time non-invasive treatment boosts your Confidence and eliminates the need to use deodorant or antiperspirant ever again. The 90-min painless procedure destroys sweat and odour glands from your underarm and also removes hair of all colours permanently. miraDry is Confidence and Confidence is … Beautiful, Powerful, Inspirational, Game-changing and Sexy! miraDry has treated over 70K patients worldwide in 40+ countries and was also Voted in the Top 10 Aesthetic Companies by Aesthetic Everything in 2016. […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at KnowSweatUK HQ! Hope you all have a wonderful sweat free Christmas! xoxo

3 Essential Tips To Follow If You Cycle To Work

So the Rio Olympics 2016 is over and it’s been an amazing year once again for Great Britain. Now because we did so well in the cycling, you probably think you’re all the next Laura Trott or Jason Kenny, so the cycling industry has seen a boost in sales. It’s obvious that cycling is growing in popularity as a whole, both for sport and leisure, and it’s a perfect way of getting to work if you live close enough. After […]

Heatwave problems…

Ok, so are you are probably all aware, unless you live in a place with air-conditioning, and stayed inside for the past week or so, you will have, at some point, experienced the good old British heatwave we all know and put up with… With the highest temperatures peaking at 35 degrees in some areas of Britain, that was hotter than Spain! I thought my sweating would get worse in that weather, it stayed at the same level, which was good […]

Summer Comes Round Quick…

So it’s that time of the year again which most of us compulsive sweaters hate, summer! (Ok, we don’t hate it, we love the warm weather, etc etc, we just don’t love the constant sweat patches on our clothes or not being able to hold a glass in the pub garden without it slipping! True story!) The average temperature rises, the obsession with colourful tops and clothes is endless, and the daily commute gets hotter! So lots of people all over […]

2016 – A New Year But Is It A New You?

2016 has come round as quick as anything, and to think that we are nearly a year old it’s crazy to think how quick time flies and how much we have grown in a year! Thanks to all of our loyal and amazing followers and fans! So it’s time to plan how 2016 is going to be even better than 2015 (a pretty hard one to top!) Everyone sets New Year’s Resolutions, but according to recent studies it’s found that […]

miraDry Does An Experiment

Check out this amazing video which miraDry has done, basically it took a handful of people and miraDry-ed (Is that a thing?) one of their armpits to show you guys the difference one treatment can make, not only to the appearance of visible sweating, but also how the lack of sweat makes them feel! The difference is incredible! If you’re interested in finding out more about the amazing technology which is miraDry, visit the website – www.miraDryme.co.uk

We Have Got Some Exciting News…

Know Sweat UK and Sweat Smart Centres, are pleased and excited to announce that we have opened a brand new Sweat Smart Centre in Bristol, at The Simon Lee Aesthetic Clinic! Treatments included are; ‪#‎Botox‬, ‪#‎Iontophoresis‬ and of course ‪#‎miraDry‬, the only technology to permanently control underarm sweat! To find out more about what this clinic can do to help you control your hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, please visit the website – www.sweatsmart.co.uk  

Inspirational hyperhidrosis sufferers….

Watch these amazing videos of people who have hyperhidrosis and aren’t afraid of speaking out about it, you’re not alone….

New Sweat Smart Centre Video

As it seems in the UK, autumn is upon us, the clouds are grey and the rain is starting to fall, pretty depressing time for us all. Even though the sun isn’t shining and the heat isn’t unbearable. For some people reading this post, sweat will still be at the forefront of their minds. Hyperhidrosis sufferers don’t care about the weather. Sweating is a constant issue. This is why we KnowSweat UK are here to help people find the best […]