Heatwave problems…

Ok, so are you are probably all aware, unless you live in a place with air-conditioning, and stayed inside for the past week or so, you will have, at some point, experienced the good old British heatwave we¬†all know and put up with…

With the highest temperatures peaking at 35 degrees in some areas of Britain, that was hotter than Spain!

I thought my sweating would get worse in that weather, it stayed at the same level, which was good in some ways, as everyone else was sweating too, made me feel more normal. (Hands up if you felt like that). But now the nice weather is slowly disappearing back into typical British summers, my sweating is still the same. Whilst everyone else’s is starting to reduce. (annoying or what!)

Still looking for a solution, my pits are fine, (miraDry is a godsend), just treatments for my face, hands and feet. If anyone can help me out that would be great…

Signing off. H x

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