Summer Comes Round Quick…

So it’s that time of the year again which most of us compulsive sweaters hate, summer! (Ok, we don’t hate it, we love the warm weather, etc etc, we just don’t love the constant sweat patches on our clothes or not being able to hold a glass in the pub garden without it slipping! True story!) The average temperature rises, the obsession with colourful tops and clothes is endless, and the daily commute¬†gets hotter!

So lots of people all over the world have experienced the miraDry treatment. (Over 55,000 in fact now), and even more are trying sweat reducing injections and iontophoresis! Lots of people have varying results from many different treatments, so we want to hear from you and your experience of sweat reducing treatments especially miraDry! Let us know your experience and if you have any advice for people who want to stop sweating!

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